Privacy & Legal

When you share your personal data with us, we treat it with care and take our responsibility to protect it seriously, so in line with GDPR, we've updated our privacy notice which you can read more here to better communicate how we handle your personal data.

We value your privacy and respect your personal data. We just want to be absolutely clear about the data we collect, how we use and store it, and your rights regarding the control of the information we hold. Our updated policy provides details on:

Protection of personal data

  • (1) The GDPR, the applied GDPR and this Act protect individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, in particular by—
    • (a) requiring personal data to be processed lawfully and fairly, on the basis of the data subject's consent or another specified basis,
    • (b) conferring rights on the data subject to obtain information about the processing of personal data and to require inaccurate personal data to be rectified, and
    • (c) conferring functions on the Commissioner, giving the holder of that office responsibility for monitoring and enforcing their provisions.
  • (2) When carrying out functions under the GDPR, the applied GDPR and this Act, the Commissioner must have regard to the importance of securing an appropriate level of protection for personal data, taking account of the interests of data subjects, controllers and others and matters of general public interest.